A therapist abuses his patient

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Every Wednesday, Lizee line with his psychotherapist and she would miss it for anything. This doctor has a special talent and equipment size as the 20 year old woman rediscovering each week with a lot of fun, a big trunk severely burn. Upon entering the room, she begins to ease in slowly removing her clothes and wallows in red leather armchair to masturbate pussy under the watchful eye of his doctor. The full wets the vulva, the consultation can begin. The thug who never misses a beat she moves closer to the cock in hand and hands it to the brunette. Delighted to meet the bitch grabs the hand full member masturbate while lapping him and biting him waltzing. The psychiatrist in a good doctor explores not only the subconscious of the brunette but her little cunt. As a good professional, he will psychoanalyze for an hour before closing the session with him ejaculating his cum in her mouth. Filled, the bitch is going to smear her small pointed breasts seed and resume a new appointment.


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